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Nollywood in Hollywood showcased Nigerian top 3 movies

The Nollywood in Hollywood event was an epic night for Nollywood filmmakers and actors, the event which took place at USC Hollywood California, had in attendance Banky W the star in Tope Oshin Upnorth film, he attended alongside Kemi Adetiba the director and producer of  king of boys and the director wedding party one.

 The top three selected Nollywood cinemas movies had a screening in various theatre in the state. Upnorth was screened at the Egyptian theatre Hollywood Boulevard, Genevieve's Lionheart was screened at Eileen Norris theatre while Kemi Adetiba's king of boys was also screened in the same venue, the event was an absolute success.

Kemi was so excited about the outcome of the event, she took to her social media to share her joy, the filmmaker wrote: "The crowd reaction was incredible. People of all colours and works of life embraced this movie" in appreciation to the organisers she said  "You have no idea what you've done for the industry and the converts you have brought to Nollywood Tonight we close out the #NollywoodHollywood event with a showing of @kingofboysmovie. To say I am nervous would be an understatement. Send me great positive vibes as we open our hearts and our "little film" to the folks here in the US, for the very first time!!! 19" at the closing of the event Banky W, Tope Oshin and Kemi Adetiba received a certificate of participation signed by the Council member Mitch O'Farrell, representing the City of Los Angeles.