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Full Story how the owner of fireman company Ignatius Odunukwe was lured, kidnapped and killed by fake real estate agents.

                Ignatius Odunukwe Biography
Late Ignatius Odunukwe popularly knows as chief IG Odunukwe is a renowned billionaire who hails from Oraukwu in Idemili south L.G.A of Anambra state in southeast Nigeria, the deceased is also the owner of the popular fireman generator company and had numerous businesses which include real estate development and gold mining business etc. He was a philanthropist and a good man to his people. in early December 2019 he was declared missing by his family, The case which was immediately reported to the police who vowed to find him and also bring his kidnappers to book, his family were glued to their phones with high hopes that his kidnappers will call in demanding a ransom, only for his decomposed body to be found in a forest close to a canal along Ajah express on the 16th of January, 2020. Before now his lawyer had told his family and the police that the deceased had come to his office to pick up the final draft of the document he prepared for him for his Abuja property which was put up for sale for 900 million naira. The deceased didn't know he was transacting with fake real estate agents who posed to be buyers. The deceased lawyer had wanted to follow him to perfect the signing of the document but he asked him not to bother because he wasn't heading there straight, he intends to break at Ikoyi club for a brief meeting before proceeding to seal the transaction with the land buyers unknown to him that they had no intention to purchase his property. That night the deceased didn't return home the usual time he always do, deeply worried his family started an inquiry about his whereabouts, they involved the police who commenced an immediate investigation and traced the deceased car to a hotel, but the hotel owner said their CCTV covers only inside of the hotel, he didn't enter the hotel. Upon deep scrutiny and investigations, the police had a lead which resulted in the arrest of one of the fake land buyers Bob Daniel Ibeaji from Enugu state.The police interrogated and tortured him but he denied knowing the whereabouts of the deceased, a police search was conducted in the culprit home they found the signed draft and original document of the deceased property in his room yet the culprit insisted that he had concluded transactions with the deceased before he was declared missing, the investigating officer asked him to show them evidence of bank transaction or prove of fund lodged into the deceased account the culprit lied that he paid the deceased with golds.  Ahmed Iliyasu AIG of zone 2 command, Lagos who knows the culprit criminal history  was not satisfied with his narration, he quickly ordered his officers to carry out further investigation which led to arrest of three more suspects upon interrogations they confessed luring the deceased into the transaction who brought to them the original document of his property after which they lured him to sign the property document which he did. 

How They killed Chief Ignatius Odunukwe

According to the police reports gathered from zone 2 command, Lagos.
The details of the four gang suspect that committed the gruesome murder of the Late chief Ignatius are as follows Bob Daniel Ibeaji who is 42 years old the mastermind and Arinze Igwe 26 years old he works in the hotel, assisted to carry deceased body through the back door. Solomon Cletus 30, he met with the mastermind Ibeaji in Kuje prison Abuja. and last on the list is Isreal Obigaremu 35 years old the Uber driver who offer them a ride to where the dump the body, all these men conspired to commit the act. The reports states that decreased met with Ibeaji in his hotel room on the 1st of December 2019 to finalise the transaction,they had initially negotiated, Ibeaji the culprit showed Odunukwe a ghana must go bag that looks like it contained the said sum of 900 million Naira, just when the IG Odunukwe bent to confirm the cash, "Cletus hit his head from behind with an axe, Arinze helped to hold him while I strangled and injected him with a poisonous substance" I purchased in a pharmacy in Ajah said Ibeaji. when he was asked why did he resort to killing chief? Ibeaji who claimed to be a medical doctor from the United Kingdom, someone who swore the oath to protect lives said the lust of money led him to and he feels like a monster.
Arinze who works in the hotel said he wasn't part of the plan he only assisted to hold the deceased for Ibeaji to inject him, with the hope that deceased will wake up later. No doubt they killed the deceased because they were scared that he will reveal their identities to the police
When the police asked the other culprits how much they were paid by their mastermind Ibeaji they said "nothing" he promised to give them a loan of 2million for their business ideas.