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Bling Lagosians tops box office chart

Bolanle Austen Peters film"The Bling Lagosians" is the most anticipated movie so far in 2019 the movie is undoubtedly the most talked film in Nigeria, Nollywood stars came out in Met Gala style during the movie first public presentation, bling Lagosians Shows Bolanle directorial debut as a win, she has proven that she is not just a creative stage director, but a full-blown filmmaker, clearly the entertainment industry was a risk worth taken by the Nigerian lawyer, so far the movie is doing incredible awesome since its cinema opening on the 28th of June. According to Film critics the cinematography, storytelling, costuming, acting, setting and the overall production quality of the film is a win, the movie is expected to have a big box office win as it tops the Bollywood chart.