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Angry Reaction of a school girl sent home for failure to pay her fees won comedian A.Y and  Mr.jollof hearts.

A video of a young Sapele school girl Success who was sent home for failure to paying her school fee surfaced the internet, the little girl reaction in the viral video was nothing but pure determination for success. Watch the videos below

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 Popular comedian A.Y was among the first celebrities to reach out to the girl's mother, he said "I had a chat with our little friend who simply reminds me of Taju. 
As i say a big thank you to everyone who has promised to help pay for Success's fees, it is also important to note that it goes beyond this one child. They are so many of them around us facing a range of disadvantages such as lack of education, poverty, neglect deprivation and abuse. 
As much many people do have their negative views about how Nigerians jump on trending situations like this, kindly note that it is the fastest way of calling the attention of those in authority to their responsibilities. 
Today, God has decided to remember our little girl Success through kind-hearted Nigerians like you. So feel free to give as much as you can to change her life and that of her family completely" he didn't stop there, he went ahead to show support and pleaded with his fans to do the same, the Comedian shares success mother's account details on his Instagram page so his fans can reach out to them.

 Ay's kind gesture won the heart of thousands including  Master Ziggy 
Chairman, UMEH Group Limited - South Africa, who also took to his Instagram and wrote:

"@Aycomedian Thank you for following up on this little future leader as we had no lead on how to reach out to her parents yesterday. What amazed me was her determination and enthusiasm to endure whatever pain that may emerge as a result of her unpaid school fees. We cannot allow such passion to be derailed or demotivated as a result of economic hardish...Through UMEH Group Educational Fund which i CEO of, I hereby pledge cover any educational monetary bills right from current grade through to completion of her university level. And i will further dispatch a team to asses her guardian's living condition to determine what other necessary assistance can be forthcoming.
As a dual-citizen of South Africa and Nigeria I',m passionate about our continent and the greatest weapon you can arm an African child with is a quality education. 
God bless Africa"

Freedom Atsepoyi popularly known as Mr Jollof a social Media Influencer found success and her mother, the little in Warri, he said
"Success school fees is are settled for this term so she can write her examination. From next term, she will resume in one of the best private school in Sapele. Whatever treatment my kids get, she will also get by the special grace of God. We went ahead to pay for a school bus that will pick and drop success, no more trekking to school. Success now na BETTER STYLE !!! I will take care of her education from now till she graduates University (She’s now my responsibility)" Nigerians truly love each other.