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Port harcourt first daughter Tacha is disqualified from bbnaija reality show

Following up on the event that happened earlier this morning between Tacha and Mercy today September 27th, 2019. the Instagram slay Queen got her third strike for pushing and dragging Mercy's wig twice during a heated argument between them, the incident started when Seyi the head of house called on all the housemates to the lounge so he can convey big brother's message to them, Mercy was still in the shower, Tacha who thought mercy was delaying the meeting couldn't hold her chills any longer started ranting insult at Mercy, Cindy was sent to call Mercy, Mercy told Cindy that Tacha is stupid for ranting insult at her, Cindy came out and told Tacha that Mercy said she is stupid, boom all hell was let loose as the two participants started raining insults at each other. Tacha said Mercy is an old fool and she is "clout chasing" Mercy on the defensive told Tacha that she is dirty and smells, she even went as far as calling her an "internet beggar".They were both at each other's face when Mercy made a mockery spin at Tacha, she immediately grabbed Mercy's wig and pulled her hair, she did the spin again to provoke Tacha even more, Tacha grabbed her hair and pulled it again for the second time, angry Mercy grabbed the pressing  Iron and was aiming at her face when Omoshola, Frodd, Mike and Seyi quickly rushed in to save the situation.