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Angela Okorie released picture and video of the 12 bullets removed from her head and eyes to clear the air

Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie who was attacked by hired assassins on the 12th of December 2019, on her way back from a show she was invited to perform. released more photos and video to back her attack. had earlier reported a story on the attack, check it out here:

The actress was called out by Instagram blogger 'Gist merchant', who accused her of faking her own attack in a post which reads:

"You think doing live video to show us badly made up bruises will make everything true? If you were shot and got those wound on the 12th of December which is three day ago as you claim, you will not even be able to turn around your head without difficulty and that dried thing you were tapping at the side of your head in the video, is that supposed to be a 3-day old wound? This crazy lady think everybody is stupid or something. Bullets were removed from your head and your head is not wrapped up in bandages to protect and keep swelling down. Fool"

The actress replied the post with pictures of the bullets removed from her head and eyes and a video showing her stained with blood as she is being treated to back up her claim, in her reply she said "Joke apart Let’s face Reality 
If anybody who sees this and still feel 
It’s make up
You need Jesus In Your life 
Pls my brothers and sisters 
We serve a living God 
I am planning a very big 
Thanksgiving to show how 
Greatful I am 
No man can take this glory 
Anybody that says is made up 
We wish them all this kind of make up 
In Jesus Name 
Any blog Carrying fake news about 
What God has Done in my life 
Instead of praising God for my sake 
Shall receive same pain in Jesus Name 
My God is bigger than any blog or human trying to bring me down Amen "

What's your take on this ?