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Ay's Merry Men 2 had a successful premiere in Washington DC.

Nigerian filmmaker and comedian Ayodeji Richard Makun popularly known as Ay,  released his latest movie merry men 2 in Washington Dc, the turn out was amazing the comedian could not keep the excitement to himself, he shared a colourful video of the event. He said
"Merry Men 2 premiere in Washington DC was a HUGE success".  He can't "wait to see an equal or better energy at the Lagos premiere on Sunday". He also used the opportunity to appreciate God for grace in his life and the organisers of the event, he said "There may be people who have more talent than i do, but i will forever thank God for grace.  Thanks to everyone who came out tonight. Thanks for the ovation given to #MerryMen2.  Thanks to @elizabethjackrich @jackrichteinjr for making history happen in America.  See you at the Lagos premiere on Sunday" we hope to see a better cinema opening here Lagos on Sunday.
Watch the video below
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