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Celine Dion is Not dead she is Alive

Fans of the Canadian superstar singer Celine Dion are super curious about the fake news which claims the singer is dead. The news circulating the internet was first reported 
 By an online website cloned to look like CNN news so as to generate traffic to another website, the news made it way to facebook via shared links, the real CNN didn’t publish such news in any of its platforms, besides other top news agency like BBC News, Fox News, Sky News or Al Jazeera didn't publish anything about the false news. The singer is so big that these news agencies will report news about her wardrobe and styles, do you think they will miss the big headline if she was truly dead? Facebook has flagged the news as false. The singer is alive and in good health she recently appeared in fashion trend, and her talent agency told AFP that she ”is Alive” the singer even posted a stylish picture of herself today on her Instagram.

I bet you know the dead can not do any of this, so now you know the music icon is Alive and Hearty.