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Missing boy body found buried in an alter Akure youths set church on fire.

Sotitobire Miracle church in Ondo state capital, Nigeria is on the headline news as the body of a one year boy Gold Eniola Kolawale was alleged to have been found buried in the church Alter, angry youth who were being stopped and chased by the Ondo state police force from gaining access to the church premises hijacked the police investigation and burn down the church, a police officer and motorcyclist was killed in the incident.
Eniola was declared missing on the 10th of November, 2019. The one-year-old boy was said to have been kidnapped or stolen from the teenage church since then the baby whereabouts was unknown until residents of the area accused the Ondo state police service of not conducting a proper investigation in the matter thereby taking laws into their hands.
The church pastor Mr Alfa Babatunde was said to have been arrested and taken under Dss custody.