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Inye Ekele Igbo Movie

Inye Ekele is an Igbo movie, with some soft igbo worship songs in it,inye Ekele is among the top Christian igbo movies 2022, it is so because the story is deep and there is a switch from igbo to english language in the movie, we also introduced some igbo music into the film. this film features fresh nollywood actors, who starred in nollywood movies 2022, nollywood movies 2021 and igbo movies 2021 latest full movies. kudos to RCCG Actors. The movie was first premiered in rccg thanksgiving service live, is now available on YouTube and Nollywood movies download site for free. the movie starred top gospel singers Chinelo chukwu, Christabel Praise, and Adaugo Okeke, and many more. stay glued for more Nollywood movies.