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U.S house impeached Donald Trump, he is the third us president to face senate trial.

Donald John Trump is the 45th United State president and the third president to be impeached by the house of representatives, Trump will be facing the senate trial in January 2020, the trial will determine whether he should remain in office or not. 
It was a painfully sad experience watching the debates between Trump's Republicans and Nancy Pelosi's Democrats in an open emotional war for or against the president, which lasted  8 solid hours, the two houses debates on two articles of impeachment, The Republicans argues that the democrats impeachment move on president trump is clearly a "political vendetta" and is an abuse of the impeachment process,  that the Democrats are afraid that Donald Trump will win the re-election, they further argued that no president has been impeached 10 months before an election, that there should challenge Trump via an election process, they also argued that the Democrats wanted to impeach President Trump on the very first day he was sworn in as the president. The Democrats in their defence accused the president of abuse of the rule of law and using the office of the presidency for his political and personal gain instead of that of the American people when he requested Ukraine government to investigate his political rival. After the lengthy debate between both houses, they voted on the two articles, the first article was for impeachment on Abuse of Power and the second article was for impeachment for obstruction of Congress. Both houses gave a very heated argument, pouring out their soul, love and dislike  for Donald Trump, the House speaker Nancy Pelosi said " the president reckless actions make impeachment necessary"
See how the house voted on the first articles below.

The total of 230 representatives voted YEA and 197  voted NAY 
On the second article for the Obstruction of Congress.  A total of 229  representatives voted YEA and 198 voted NAY. President Donald Trump is likely going to be acquitted by the Senate, the Republicans party are the majority in the Senate, he will definitely get the majority votes.