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Visa on Arrival Nigeria joins Ethiopia and Rwanda to ease visa policies

 Most populous African country Nigeria through its number one citizen President Muhammadu Buhari announced its new immigration policy and promised all Africans living on the continent visa on arrival. President Buhari made the announcement during the Aswan Forum in Egypt, he said " in our effort to exonerated Africans integration we in Nigeria have already taken the strategic decision to bring reliance on various issues which has hindered the free movement of our people living in the continent by introducing the issue of visa at the point of entering into Nigeria to all persons holding passport of Africa's country in effect from January 2020".This policy was implemented as result of Africa's continental free trade treaty, Ethiopia and Rwanda were the first countries to implement visa on Arrival to all  Africans. The question Nigerians and other Africans are asking is will this new development affect the open of closed borders across Nigeria?