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Reactions as Nollywood Actress Sophie Alakija's marriage Allegedly hits the rock

                                       Photo credit @preaciousheartbeauty

Nollywood actress and model Sophie Alikija have been ravishing so much beauty and positive energy on her Instagram page without her husband and her children's photos, this has led to trending speculations about her marriage. 

Controversial Instagram blogger Gistlover made a report about Efik/Lebanese born actress marriage with  Mr Wale Alakija the son of African's richest woman Folorunsho Alakija crashing, the post which is titled "
Tales of 3bestie and how Actress, Sophie Alakija's marriage hits the rock," has since gone viral, causing mixed reactions from Nigerians on social media.
In the post, the blogger claimed she has been gathering information on the actress, according to the blogger

"The actress left her marriage last year, She left the husband so she can be living her baby girl lifestyle, that’s why she took down all the family pictures and neglected her two kids, she is the number 1 clubs eat in Lagos presently, with her besties Efe Irele, Timini Egbuson(her pimp)and the rest." The blogger also said it was also confirmed from a reliable source that "Timini tests whatever product he is pumping out... A married woman reached out to GLB recently and reported the actress saying “the other night Sophie was texting my man and they were planning a vacation getaway after covid ,tueh, She is so loose, you need to see her in clubs and she is wilding out”
Glb also confirms that last year She went to Dubai twice with the aid of her pimp and her Bestie sugar daddy(Akin Alabi the motivational speaker)who is secretly married to efe irele, the efe in question flaunts that her ring to pepper uncle Alabi housewife.
Sophie in the other hand is enjoying her new lifestyle as she has turned down all settlement arranged by the family, she is still using the name ALAKIJA because it rings a bell, she has actually removed the name on her twitter bio.igi ewedu oni wopa wa o, I come in peace."

However, Sophie's husband or his family have not made any official or unofficial statement concerning the matter, neither has the cross-state born actress, Sophie reacted to the news, but on their behalf, Nigerians on Instagram are wagging their tongues, here are some of the reactions: 

@mamasitah_ wrote, "Eya0aaa I was even saying she made wizkid look like a tramp because she’s moved on and living beautifully with her family, who would have thought."

@roksieultimatelove wrote, "It’s so obvious that she didn’t live that baby girl life to the fullest before getting married".

@pink_ish80 wrote, "It’s good for her. Men walk out of marriages and kids for no reason at all. Every single day. And we don’t question them. But if a woman does it we ladies are the first to judge. I’m sure there’s more to it. Her life, her choice!!."

@elvira_ozor wrote, "Wait o, I thought the alakija she's married to is the richest black woman in the world that alakija.. Who leaves a billionaires son? Well let me not be quick to judge her, we don't know the story, even u gistlover may not know what she's passing through."

@mollyswts wrote, "I don't understand y u'd be married and still wanna live a single life."

@abiunique_designerwears wrote, "When some of us are praying to have happy home some choose to live wayward life."

@simplydenims wrote, "She’s allowed to live her life the way she wants, just as long as she doesn’t hurt people while doing so."

@leaddyskincare wrote, "What kind of irresponsible lifestyle this? Why bring children into the world when you want a baby girl’s lifestyle?"

@blaqbeeuutee wrote, "A lot of these yeyebrities especially the actresses are all market sellers. Ashawo kobo kobo. How do you think they are able to afford the flashy lifestyles? That’s why they can’t keep their homes. I pity girls who goal and tap into a life they know little or nothing about."

@halimer_ wrote, "One thing these girls don’t understand 
There is nothing on these streets 
Na you go tire."

@iam_clarabankz wrote, "But she is too pretty for this kind of lifestyle,once you are a parent you should count your steps especially when you are a celebrity because the internet never forgets and trust me your kids will get to see it oneday maybe if not being used to make jest of them in future live your life to the fullest but watch your back...this life nothing dey am."

@butterflies_leben wrote, "At the end, please ladies marry your type! Couples can still party together and do all the freaky things together! You can still live the baby girl life with your hubby if you marry your type. I personally don't see myself marrying a quiet man or even pastor! The guy must be as crazy and wild as me because nothing sweet pass doing all this wild things with your partner! Meanwhile don't judge her too much, you don't know what made her opt-out!."