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"I love my wife, I simply think it's an honoring thing to do" Justin Bieber

Canadian born pop superstar singer Justin Bieber took to his social media page to appreciate his beautiful wife Hailey with a cute message, which says "I love my wife" the singer went further to explain that he didn't  post the picture to prove anything or to try and make people believe he loves his wife, he said " I simply think it's an honoring thing to do, publicly acknowledging your significant other!  Its like we're all okay with acknowledging an achievement or award, but think there has to be something shady about saying something publicly about the one you love. I have nothing to prove by saying I love my wife. I just think there is power in putting ur wife on a pedestal! I like to make my wife feel special and valued, Ive done a lot of cool things but I dont think anything comes close to as cool as that" when last did you appreciate your significant other?