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Mike Ezuruonye undergoes eyes surgery to remove growth caused by harsh production lights.

In the western world, filmmaking business is taken as a serious business where professional filmmakers hire professional cinematography and a Gaffer with great lighting experience who knows how to give the movie it looks and feel with the right amount of exposure. But in Nigeria because of the low or zero budget, many Aba filmmakers are their own directors, gaffers and sometimes cinematographers. Of course, with no lighting experience, they buy cheap china red heads lights that are harsh to the  eyes and skin. Nigeria actor Mike Ezuruoney is the first to make this fact known when he revealed via his Instagram that he had a growth encroaching the pupil of both his eyes in the post he wrote: 
"Forgive being Reluctant but just had to share...Many don’t know what we go through in the course of our work (FILM MAKING)..Had a growth encroaching the pupil of both eyes  cos of overexposure to HARSH movie Production LIGHTS over the Years...(Heard looking into your PHONE/COMPUTER for too long also puts one in Danger)...Advised to get Surgery done,I was Scared...After Surgery, for over 8 hrs , I was without sight as my eyes were Demanded Tightly Closed, tightly Shut by the Ophthalmologist Team of Doctors....mnnn..These Made me Appreciate more the GIFT of Sight GOD gave me...Goshhhh that I can never ever take for granted.Scary experience...ButGodD is always Faithful...Glad Surgery was SUCCESSFUL and i will be back real soon to my work and Passion...Thanks to my FANS and TRUE SUPPORTERS..(NOTE Pls :Dont adhere to any IMPOSTOR who would want to take advantage to defraud anyone of his or her money...Pls I am Fine and Healing) I love you all always God God" we wish him a speedy recovery.
The Nigeria movies industry no doubt is one industry that has helped to boost the Nigeria economy. and also put some of our favourite actors on the international spotlight, so it shouldn't be neglected, the industry seriously needs government support.