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Nancy Isime Water or Tv goddess

Nigerian actress, model and media personality Nancy Isime is no doubt one of our favourite tv goddess. But recently some of the pictures she posts on Instagram are either taken in water or somewhere close to the sea, one could think she is aquaholic, in one of her recent posts she was seen photographed inside a pool  without makeup she captured it as  " genuinely, wholeheartedly, completely at peace "  in another one she was having a swell time with a cute dolphin she said "Today, I kissed a Dolphin and I Liked it! 
We danced into the sunset and will live happily ever after😊" Nothing is more fulfilling as doing and enjoying what you love. checkout some of the breathing photos of the beautiful new island girl below.

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So I visited a local island called Gulhi in this Fancy boat! The tour guide assigned to me on this tour takes the best photos! His girlfriend is a model, so yeah! I was in safe hands. Lol. Going on this trip ALONE (please stop with the retarded “who is behind the camera” comments. Thank you), the least of my worries were photos as I had already programmed my mind to experiencing and living in every moment rather than trying to get the perfect photo. I also HATE bothering people. So the first 5days went almost completely undocumented, Lol. And then I discovered how friendly the locals and staff of the hotel I stayed and areas I visited were. They were always willing to help, Always! It didn’t matter if I needed 100 photos or 50 videos. They were happy to, with the biggest smiles on their faces as I pose away. *sigh* Paradise indeed! In every sense of the word!
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