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Rev. Bassie Obakeng P. Jackals slumped and dies during Sermon (video)

South African preacher Reverend  Bassie Obakeng Poloko Jackals of Methodist Episcopal church in kuruman, Northern Cape on Sunday died in church while preaching an electrifying Sermon. The 42 years old Energetic preacher gave his congregation a powerful message, in the heat of the message, the preacher sat down to catch his breath a bit unaware it was his last.he slumped to the floor from his chair, some of his congregations cheered and clapped their hands presuming their pastor was under the anointing, unknown to them that he was gone. His elders and church workers rushed him to the hospital where he was declared dead, a post mortem conducted on the deceased shows he was a Diabetic and had high blood pressure, the man of God was unaware of his health condition. Our condolence goes to his family, may his gentle soul continue to Rest in peace, See video below.