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There is no joy and in having friends or so called friends who don’t support your career, hustle or the things you are passionate about. What is the point of saying or calling someone your friend if they don’t add any value to your life or bring anything positive to the so-called friendship table.

As an artist if your so-called friends don’t play your songs or hype/promote you whenever they can, then they aren’t really your friends or your music MUST be wack and they don’t want to hurt your feelings by telling you. If your friends are in the second category then they are not TRUE friends either because a real friend would always tell you the blunt truth.

If you have a friend who works on radio as a DJ or OAP and they don’t even try to make a case for your music/song to receive airplay or try to play your songs then they are not your friends but acquaintances. Pls, cast them off in 2020.

If they say your song isn’t up to par or not the type they play at their stations or gigs and yet they won’t give you pointers or clues on what to do to get your music played or how to make good or better songs then please avoid such people because they are only fair-weather friends or mere acquaintances, not real friends.

If your friend(s) knows your hustle or business and has a lead to a job opportunity or a contract that you are qualified for and doesn’t refer you or intimate you about it please let such friends go in 2020. No time to waste energy on one-sided friendships or relationships.

If your friends only remember or call you when it’s time to party, drink, spend money or stay out late every day of the week, but when it’s time for business meetings or gatherings that will be beneficial to your business/hustle or life, they choose to ignore you or not involve you please let these so “called friends” go.

In friendship, the ratio of give and take may not be equal or 50/50 but there is always a give/take or take/give not just give, give or take, take both parties usually have a mutually beneficial relationship which either helps every relationship thrive. If a relationship isn’t symbiotic the chances of it blossoming it nil.

Sometimes people assume automatically that supporting a friend means, materially, financially or monetarily. There are different ways to support a friend, the support could be words of advice or referring them for a job or standing in as guarantor or referee for them. It can be tagging them in a job opening tweet or post or paying for their fare to get to an appointment or buying fuel in their car or playing their music on the radio or even helping them write an application. Support can be in different ways and means.

Years ago I remember a friend of mine was applying for a job but didn’t know how to write an application so he asked me for help and he got the job. One day I was stranded and the same friend was the one who gave me a ride to my destination and waited till I was done and then drove me home again.

The point I am trying to make is that help or support for friends doesn’t always come or mean help financially, though these days most people would prefer the short term support of being given money.

So as 2019 ends and 2020 is ushered in, pray for discernment to be able to know who your good/true/real friends are so you can also reciprocate in any way you can to their attention, care, love and support because in life the measure you give often times is easier to get back. 

In the coming year make smarter decisions, discard those who don’t fit in your life and embrace those who always support you in any way they can and any chance they get. Like YUNG6IX said, “The difference between the rich and the poor is everybody’s decision”.


TOCHUKWU YOUNG UMEZULIKE aka Toks Asher Young is a Nigerian celebrity talent manager and entertainment entrepreneur.

He writes from his wealth of over 12years of experience in the Nigerian music industry. He specializes in nurturing and managing budding talents. An emerging Poet, He loves travelling, making friends, networking and building new connections. He is a staunch believer in Nigerian and African musical talents and fierce promoter of good music.