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Elizabeth Smart said she was sexually assaulted on a flight.

Salt Lake City and San Diego county Kidnapping and Rape survivor Elizabeth Ann Smart told CBS News that she was sexually assaulted in Delta Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Atlanta. The 32-year-old mother of three said she fell asleep when she suddenly noticed a hand rubbing her inner thigh, it was the hand of the man seating next to her, she said the last time someone touched her without her consent was when she was kidnapped and raped, a sad story the world will always remember. When Smart was only 14 years old Brian David Mitchell and his wife Wanda Barzee kidnapped and held her captive for 9 months, she reacted to the torture and sexual abuse she suffered during that period. She said she reported the man to the necessary authorities to prevent him from assaulting another woman. 
The matter is been investigated by the FBI, Elizabeth also told CBS that she asked her husband if she has a  big badge on her forehead that reads:  "Easy prey or Victim" she is sick of it all. We are glad she is brave enough to share her story.