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How to make rich Watermelon juice at home

Watermelon is one of the richest fruits in the world, it's said to have it origin from South Africa but its very popular among the people of China and Turkey. Watermelon can be used for many things like watermelon cake,summer sangria,watermelon basil water and so many other things Including fresh juice.  Which I will be teaching you how to make one for yourself and your family,Watermelon is naturally
good for the human body because of some of it rich essential nutrients like Thiamine,niacin,folate,phosphorus,lycopene,betaine,zinc,
manganese,copper,selenium,pantothenic,vitamin B-6,and choline which are very important for good living.Research has shown that your body will be super fresh and you will age younger if you drink watermelon juice once a day,watermelon has more of LYCOPENE compared to other fruits and vegetable.
Below are some health benefits of taking watermelon juice:
1.It helps prevent cancer
2.It improves heart health.
3.It helps relieve muscle soreness.
4.It is good for skin and hair.
5.It improves digestion.
6.It helps prevent macular degeneration.
7.It lower inflammation and oxidative stress.
8.It contains nutrients and beneficial plant compounds.
9. It Helps in hydration 

The procedure of extracting the juice is just simple and easy to make.Here are the steps on how to go about it.

1.After getting your watermelon from the market,you should wash it properly before cutting.

2.Cut your watermelon into sizes that you can pick out the seeds.

3.Picking out seed from watermelons is a painstaking process, you have to be very careful in removing them, once you are done picking out the seed you can blend your watermelon into a smoothie paste

4.Once the smoothie is set,sieve it to extract the juice. There you have it. your Juice is ready, that’s how  easy to make your homemade watermelon juice.
Written by: Ogar Shile Matilda Ngukuran