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Tiv wives are not cheats

             Are Tiv wives cheat?
Rumour has it that Tiv women are Cheats, especially Tiv wives, well, that is a big fat lie from the pit of hell itself, another rumour went as far as generalizing it that Benue state women are chronic cheats. 

I’m here to debunk both rumours. I am a true born daughter of Tiv land, from kwande local government to be precise
I am happily married to my best friend and we have been living together happily ever after and it will continue to be so, I haven't cheated on him and have no intention to do so, we love, respect and Treats each other as King and Queen, there are days he pisses me off so bad, but I haven't thought of cheating on him, because there are days I piss him up too, I know for fact all relationships including marriages have their ups and downs and it's inevitable, it's something everyone must experience. Once a woman cheats on her husband she lost her values and his love, men don't forgive cheating so easily even when they do they don't forget, besides cheating in marriage is adultery, it goes against God's Law.

My parents are married for more than 30 years and are still living happily as love birds, yes they are kicking it well, so you see why I am in the best position to puncture such lies. Come to think about it, why generalized a global abnormality
It's totally wrong to generalize that Tiv or Benue women are cheats when women cheating in marriage this day is common in all parts of the world.
Cheating has nothing to do with tradition or tribes.  There's a very popular myth that Tiv men usually gives their wives to their guest for entertainment, please permit me to laugh a bit. If you want to die early come close to me, you will see how overprotective my husband is, so is my dad with my mum, you protect the ones you love. I mean protecting them the right way, I won't share my man with another so why should he permit me to do dirt, if he does I will just conclude he doesn't love me, he is just using me for his personal interest, in fact, there are traditions in Benue state where if wives cheat they will die and if husbands have knowledge of their wives engagement in promiscuities or adultery and do nothing about it, he will die too, in the tribe cheating is a big abomination and husbands have the responsibilities to instil discipline on their wives.

No doubt a lot of married women are engaging in promiscuity and extramarital affairs these days, most women date other guys that are married, some date single guys, this is one marriage abnormality that is found in many communities in the world today.

Women Cheating is not a common thing with tiv or Benue women, but a global abnormality in relationships that are destroying people's happiness. If you are not matured enough to be committed in a relationship please don't enter into one.
 Written by: Ogar Shile Matilda Ngukuran