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Wuhan Deadly Coronavirus COVID 19 In Nigeria, Nigeria Government Once Again Careless. How The Virus Came In, Full Story

The Federal Ministry of Health Has confirmed the first case of the deadly COVID 19  aka Coronavirus in Nigeria. The case was confirmed on the 27th of February 2020. Since its outbreak in Wuhan China, the virus has claimed the lives of more than 3,900 and has infected more than 120,000 people globally, beating the records of it deadly cousin Sars virus which happens to be in the same family as the Coronavirus.

All Hopes that the virus will be contained in the western shore (countries) has vanished as the virus is now a global pandemic, African countries are not spared, Nigeria joins Egypt and Algeria, as the third Africa country with the virus. This happened because the Nigeria government has once again shown carelessness, giving more priorities over the economy than the lives and safety of its citizens.
For months the COVID 19 has been the top news on all media houses and news platforms, we see as countries make solid decisions to protect their territory from the disease, United state shut down all airlines operating in countries affected by the Disease,  African country Kenya placed a temporary restriction and shut down operations from countries with the virus, but our government is allowing flights from Coronavirus affected countries into our land, in the name of doing business, with the current situation, the government has no plans of halting airlines coming from Coronavirus affected countries, they undermined our weak health system and the ignorant large masses that will ignore isolation.

How did Coronavirus enter Nigeria?
According to Health Minister Osagie Ehanire, An infected Italian citizen who works and lives in Nigeria returned to the busy city of Lagos on the 25th of February,  from Italy, Milan through Murtala Mohammed International airport with the virus, he was confirmed by the virology laboratory of the Lagos state university teaching hospital, part of the laboratory network of the Nigeria Centre for Disease control. Osagie said: " the patient is clinically stable, with no serious symptoms, and is being managed at the infectious disease Hospital in Yaba, Lagos".
The Deputy Governor of Lagos state Dr Obafemi Hamzat gave a detailed explanation of how the virus entered our country in an interview with TVC, He said  The Italian man came with a flight from Milan Italy, (Turkish Airline from Istanbul) to Lagos and travelled to Ogun state where he works as a consultant to a company, upon getting there he fell ill and was taken to the hospital, the doctor who diagnosed him was smart enough to realize that the patient had just arrived from Italy,  one of the countries hit with the virus, he quickly alerted the authorities in charge who called Lagos.

African countries with Coronavirus COVID 19.
Egypt was the first Africa country to confirm the case of the deadly virus. 
Currently with 49 confirmed cases and one  death
Algeria became the second African country to announce its case. According to reports, on the 17th of February, 2020 an Italian citizen arrived in the country with the disease. The country currently has 20 cases
Nigeria is the third African country and the first sub-Saharan Africa county to announce the case of the deadly Novel virus. Currently has just 1 case
Senegal has 4 cases while South Africa has 3, Morocco 2 cases and Cameroon 2
Togo has 1 case and Tunisia has 1.

How many persons did the Patient come in contact with?
An investigation is being carried out to that effect to ascertain the number of persons the patient came in contact with, all the passengers on the same flight with him will be contacted and will undergo another test. Nigeria federal ministry of health is now putting swift measures to contain the outbreak and the spread of the virus but still is there are no restrictions on flights coming from affected countries

How is the Coronavirus is transmitted?
Coronavirus is zoonotic, this means it can be transmitted between animal and people.
According to the centre for disease control and prevention CDC
The virus spreads from person-to-person.
When they are in close contact, with each other, like body contact (skin to skin) sweat.
Mouth contact kissing.
Through Respiratory droplets from an infected person's cough 

Is the spread possible before symptoms?
Yes, that's why Coronavirus is named the deadly and wicked emerging  virus, it spreads really fast 
Super-spreaders spread the virus before they start noticing symptoms of the virus. Super spreaders are people that host the virus without immediate symptoms and can spread it to anyone they come in contact with.
How can I prevent myself from the virus?
Avoid body contact with other people
Maintain distance with someone coughing 
Wash your hands regularly after every handshake 
Practice good respiratory hygiene by covering nose and mouth with a face mask.
Avoid large social gathering, to prevent it from spreading 

How many states in Nigeria are affected by Coronavirus?
Lagos state is the only state affected for now. Even though the patient was in Ogun state, there is no confirmed case yet.

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?
According to the World Health Organization WHO 
Some of the common symptoms of the virus are:
1. High Fever
2. Coughing 
3.Shortness of breath
4.breathing difficulties
5. Severe respiratory acute syndrome
6.kidney failure
Is there a cure for Coronavirus?
There is currently no proven cure for the new deadly virus, countries should not get their hopes up yet, sciences are still running tests on the virus, but everyone should employ preventive measures to prevent the virus from spreading. countries with the virus should employ heavy measures and strong regulations to contain the virus.

How to contain Coronavirus in Nigeria? 
Everyone should be on the alert, tell your families, neighbours and friends about it. Anyone with the symptoms or symptoms like, should go to the right health centre, avoid self-medication.
 A large gathering like churches and 
Mosques should be attended with caution, Market and social gathering, like concerts, parties, cinemas houses, public swimming pool etc should be avoided.
The government should put a temporary restriction on all flights travelling the route of affected countries.