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How to make yourself a delicious pancake

Pancakes are delicious cakes made from starch with eggs, sugar, vegetable oil, milk sometimes salt, pepper, and onions etc Basically there are two methods on how to make sweet pancakes either with the sugar, milk, eggs and vegetable oil or with salt, pepper, onions, eggs and seasoning cubes. And it can be served with a filling or hot cup of tea better still in whichever way you choose to have it.

Below is the list of ingredients you need to make a smooth batter for the pancake
4.Milk.......1 1/4cup
5.Vegetable oil....1tbs
6.Baking powder.....1/2tbs
9.Seasoning taste(optional)


3.Milk.........1 1/4cup
4.Vegetable oil...1tbs
5.Baking powder....1/2tbs

How to make your Pancake

1.sieve the flour, baking powder and sugar into a bowl.
2.make a well in the centre of the Flour and pour in beaten eggs.
3.gradually add half of the milk in the flour and mix with a wooden spoon until a thick creamy batter is formed.
4.pour in the remaining milk and add 1tbs of the vegetable oil and beat until its smooth.
5.transfer to a jug for easy pouring.
6.heat a little oil in a frying pan and pour in a little batter from the jug.
7.tip the pan quickly so that the batter runs over the bottom of the pan, cook on medium heat until the bottom becomes golden brown.
8.turn the pancake over and cook till golden brown.
9.slide out of the pan into a flat plate.

It can be filled with any fillings like grated serve with a filling, place it on a flat plate, fill in the grated coconut and roll-up.

Written by: Primeness Matilda Shile Ogar