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Nigerians Are Downplaying The Threat Of COVID 19 Coronavirus Pandemic

My team and i went to Murtala Muhammed Domestic Airport Lagos MM1, undercover to investigate the situation of things concerning COVID 19 coronavirus.
What we noticed at first instance was a complete shocker, there was no form of ongoing screening or medical personnel at the entrance of the airport hall, people were going about their businesses carefree

We interviewed a traveller who had just arrived from Uyo, he said there was no form of COVID 19 screening or test done before he boarded and when he arrived Lagos there was no medical personnel at the arrival hall too, unlike the Ebola crisis. A traveller of another flight said in his own flight they only screened them before boarding, at arrival no one screened them, this means those coming to buy tickets, change dates, make enquiries etc and those working in the airport and those accompanying their loved ones or waiting for their flights or carrying out general transactions are at risk of contracting or spreading the virus. 

On our way back we were stopped by some police officers at a checkpoint,  after checking all our vehicle valid documents, we were allowed to go through, we offer the officer attending to us a face mask, he said " Na this one you dey give us, Oyibo the deceive una with their sickness una dey believe am, you can go" he turned down the face mask, his action reflects the actions of millions of Nigerians. 

New York City exhibited the same nonchalant attitude today in US New York is one of the cities with the highest COVID 19 cases. The country has more 68,594 cases, more 1,036 people have died from the virus.
According to CNN, Spain military has joined the war against the virus to assist the Spanish health officials to combat the virus because things are beginning to get out of hands, Italy death toll is accelerating every day, a total of  7,503 people have died of COVID 19 coronavirus in Italy.
Let's take a clue from all these western countries, with all their best medical facilities, the virus is still gaining grounds and spreading and taking lives in their provinces. 

Before now we had just one COVID 19 coronavirus case of the Italian man, currently, we have 51 confirmed cases, Lagos state alone has 32 cases follows by Abuja with 10 cases and Ogun with 3 cases, Ekiti has 1, Osun 1, Edo 1, Rivers and Bauchi both have single case each, according to Nigeria Centre For Disease Control two people have been discharged and we have recorded our first death case, Even with this development,  the size of our markets are getting bigger when it should be reducing, the shut down of schools across the nation have pushed young people to the market to support their parents business, well, if you ask me I will say with all sincerity that parents should stay at home while young able bodies should do the hustle since the immune system of old people are weak and they are more at risk of contracting the virus.

On Instagram we notice, some of our celebrities were sharing live videos of themselves clubbing and having pool parties. 
Singer Davido is currently receiving backlash on social media for not embarking on self-isolation, this happened after several reports making rounds on the internet, says the singer returned from United state and heads to perform at 3 events in Oyo state, one of the states with the novel virus.

A young Nigeria also tweeted that if he misses church let coronavirus kill him, inspite of the regulation put in place by the state government to discourage large gathering.
 God loves those that obey laws, the law was necessary for our protection.

Lagos state commissioner for health prof. Akin Abayomi took to his twitter handle to notify all the participants of the just concluded  African Magic Viewers’ Choice Award (AMVCA) held on the 14th of March at Eko Hotels, to carry out self-isolation, they may have come in contact with one of the confirmed cases in Lagos and
are most likely to have been exposed, but only a handful of them are adhering to the directive. 

We are downplaying the threat of COVID19  Coronavirus,  Even though we are seeing our loved ones falling. China where the virus outbreaks from enforced a total lockdown down today they have started to open up for business again.

Cameron Van der Burg a 31-year-old South Africa Olympic swimmer shared his experience with the virus, before contracting the virus, he is among those who believed the notion that virus, only has a severe effect on the old, young and people can battle it, he said the notion is wrong, also the notion of the virus being only a flu-like or just another cold is untrue,  he added ' I am still struggling with serious fatigue and residual cough, that I can't shake, any physical activity like walking leaves me exhausted for hours"

35 senators who just returned from the UK are seen mingling with their colleagues when they should be on self-isolations.
Remember people  can spread the virus without showing symptoms
Raining season is here already be extra careful. 

See what China went through watch video below