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President Buhari Releases 10 Billion Naira Grant to Lagos State

President Muhammadu Buhari has released 10 billion grant to Lagos state, to enable the state to increase its capacity to control and fight the virus, the president said:
Over the last few days, he has received extensive briefings on the state of the nation as it relates to the Covid19 pandemic, from the relevant Federal Government agencies as well as the Lagos State Government.  
Accordingly, he approved the following:
The immediate release of a 10 billion Naira grant to Lagos State, which remains the epicentre of the Covid19 outbreak in Nigeria. This grant will enable Lagos to increase its capacity to control and contain the outbreak, while also supporting other States with capacity-building.

He also said the Nigerian Air Force is already making it's fleet available to the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19, to enable a better coordinated and more effective response across the country, he also directed the immediate closure of our International Airports and Land Borders for four weeks in order to protect our homeland from external exposure.