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How to Cook Sweet Coconut Rice

Coconut rice is one of African special dish, unlike her sister jollof rice, it is prepared in rare occasions like traditional marriages, child dedication, birthday parties, some families prepare it as Sunday special. when you are cooking coconut Rice the aroma that gushes out from the pot is so rich and inviting, I bet you when you cook yours today your family will not be able to resist your pot.


In today’s episode, I will teach you how to cook that yummy coconut rice with ingredients you probably didn't know you can use, so friends lets get started

Here is the list of ingredients you need

1.Long grain of parboiled rice

2.2cups of coconut milk 

3.Green bell pepper (yellow,red bell pepper)

4.Coconut oil 






10.Unsweetened coconut cream powder 

11.seasoning cubes/salt



14.Sweetened can maize

How to prepare your coconut rice 

1.Preheat the coconut oil and add onions to fry about 2-3 minutes In a clean pot then add water, coconut milk, the unsweetened coconut powder, crayfish, salt,seasoning cubes and habanero pepper and let it boil.

2.Add the parboiled and washed rice and allow it to cook for 15 minutes. Quickly throw in the shrimp, green bell pepper. Cover it immediately and allow it to cook on a low heat for 10 minutes 

3.Turn off the heat and leave it to steam for 5 minutes before opening the lid, Mix up the coconut rice, delicious your coconut rice is ready to be served.

But in order to enjoy your coconut rice, you can eat up with vegetable mix green.

ingredients for the mix green are:





5.Green bell pepper

6.Gizzard (steam and diced)



How to prepare your mix green

1.Wash all your vegetables and dice them into desired shape

2.Fry your onions in a clean pot, add in the shrimps and gizzard allow to fry for 2 minutes, then add in few drops of water.stir and add a little quantity of coconut flour.

3.Turn in all your vegetables(cabbage,carrots,green bell pepper,)stir and then add your seasonings to taste.

Allow to heat for a minute and your vegetable mix green is ready

Written By Ogar Shile Matilda Ngukuran