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Williams Uchemba receives praises for distributing special Coronavirus cash aid to slum communities

Nollywood actor and philanthropist Williams Uchemba hands out special Coronavirus cash aid to under privilege Nigerians living in remote parts of Lagos state.

Unlike some celebrities who are engaging on social media giveaways only to their dedicated and loyal followers, some of them even go as far a requesting their followers to follow brands page to be eligible for such giveaways. None has thought it wise to reach out to those living in slum communities, even the food banks set up by the Lagos state government to help poor communities and those that can not afford daily meal during this period of covid 19 pandemic are not accessible for those that are meant for because of restriction of movement by law enforcement agencies.
Williams Uchemba who is passionate about helping and impacting lives shared a video on his Instagram page where he was filmed distributing cash in a white envelope to a slum community, the actor said 

"We set out to go to the slums to give money to families and I tell you guys, the things I saw today broke my heart. Apparently, not everybody can stock up and stay inside as we’ve been instructed. I plead with you guys to jump in on this one, we intend to go back here as often as possible as we’ve not covered a reasonable number. Any partnership/donation or contribution will go a long way, Any amount will really go a long way for someone" 

His followers praised him for his kind heart and for reaching out to the needy in this time of hardship, unlike his fellow celebrities.