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113 years-old Spanish woman survives Covid-19 Coronavirus

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 Coronavirus in Wuhan China, they have been theories speculating the categories of people that are most likely vulnerable to the virus. According to research aged people and people with underlying illnesses are the most likely vulnerable because aged people immune system are weak, that's why they are regarded as the most likely unsafe to the disease. 

Maria Branyas one of Spain oldest woman, who is currently 113 years-old has beaten the virus, quashing the theory asserting that aged people are most likely endangered. 

According to reports the mother of three and resident of Santa Maria Del Tura old people's home in the city of Olot in eastern Spanish province was infected with the Covid-19 coronavirus in April in the care home, where the pandemic has taken the lives of many, she was isolated to a room inside the care, during her treatment she showed only mild symptoms while battling the disease before finally testing negative to the disease. During her interview with a Spanish tv she praised the staff that took care of her, she said he " was very kind and very attentive" when asked the secret of her long life she said she is "lucky to enjoy good health".
Spain is the second-largest country hit by the pandemic with a total number of 
269,520 infected people and 26,920 deaths.