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There is a fairy tale love in Ozo and Nengi situationship

  If Nengi thinks she is a player, Ozo is a jack sparrow, the two can play the game.
and there are beautiful butterflies, suspense and fairy tales love in their situationship.

Season five of Nigeria's biggest tv reality show big brother Naija promises nothing but premium entertainment, we must say that the show has surpassed our expectations. Every day the show keeps unveiling new drama and interesting events keep occurring every day as the show progresses, this has come to show that the organizer picked all their constants right because everyone in the  house is a character and the love entanglement between the housemates is real and insane and the sparks between them keep rotating, one-minute Dorathy likes Ozo, another minute Ozo likes Nengi, Nengi likes Kiddwaya, Kiddwaya likes Nengi and Erica, Erica likes Ozo (secretly crushing on him) Laycon likes Erica, Tochi likes Tolanibaj, Tolanibaj likes Prince
Prince Likes Nengi, Tochi likes Wathoni and Tolanibaj, Wathoni likes Kiddwaya & Prince. In all of these entanglements, one relationship in the show the viewers want to see sail is Ozo and Nengi's relationship but their love boat keeps taking a wrong turn every time they are getting close. The two will say something, but their body language will say something else. One minute is Ozo telling  Nengi " who wants to date you?" another minute is Nengi flirting with Prince and leading Ozo on to chase her even more... Their relationship has created a lot of suspense in the game and viewers are already getting chest pains, too many viewers have invested their energy on their ship,  no doubt seeing them together is always one of the highlight and beautiful moment of the show that's why viewers of the show can't get enough from seeing them, the two have been classified as the Zee world beautiful and confused couple creating intense drama and sparks. This morning the two were seen hands tied, face locked as they gist, making viewers wonder if this is Ozo flipping the card at Nengi? playing her at her own game, or this love is happening for real?  We are here till day 71.