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21 years ago their mother was raped by her boss, she gave birth to them

Mmanti Umoh a lead consultant and mental health expert at purple Consults, took to her twitter page to share photos of her twins with an emotional story on how they were birthed.  Wishing her cute twins a happy 21st birthday, she shared a tweet narrating how she was brutally raped at age 15  by her employer,  the father of her sons. In her tweet Mmanti said 

"21 Years Ago, a 15-year-old seeking to find her path was brutally raped by her employer, all she had to show was a twin birthed 9 months after.

Hid behind the childhood abuse, layers and layers of Rejection, often criticized, broken, bruised, she refused to be a statistic and."
In another tweet, she encourages rape victims to always be courageous to speak out. 
"to thousands of young men and women around Africa and the world who would be raped, battered, abused and denied a fair hearing just because they see us as kids. 
You are not voiceless, you won’t forever be hushed. They will hear us. You are bruised and beautiful."

In what seems like a forgiveness note to her rapist Mmanti tweets: 

"When you think of the Rapist Declare:

I forgive you
I let you go
You inspire me
To stand up against RAPE
To speak up and tell my story
I will do better
I am proud of me
Thank you
unforgiveness is too heavy to carry around with me. I cannot carry you and grow. Now Breathe!!".