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Breaking News: Officer Derek Chauvin has been arrested and charged with third-degree murder

Derek Chauvin the officer who directly knelt on George Floyd's neck stopping air from gaining access into his lungs has been arrested and charged for third-degree murder and manslaughter. 
He was arrested after heavy protest from Americans residing in Minneapolis and pressures from the media houses across the United States, following the arrest of Omar Jimenez a black CNN reporter, who was arrested on a live broadcast reporting the protest of George Floyd's death.

Derek was arrested alone, while the other three officers who were part of the crime are under investigations. The police chief explains that Derek was arrested alone because he was the only one seen In the video kneeling directly on George Floyd's Neck suffocating him while he begs to breathe and live.

In the video captured by a bystander, Derek's whole body weight and knee was on George's neck as he screamed:

"Please!  Please!  i can't breathe please ...please...My stomach hurts, my neck hurts. Everything hurts, I need water or something please! Please I can't breathe, please...

Even when an Onlooker tried talking Derek out of his inhumane behaviour and reminds him that George is human he should get off his neck, Derek ignored and continued suffocating George with his knee, the onlooker even said to Derek "You are enjoying this right now look at your body language, get off him bro, he is not resisting arrest".
 Another onlooker a white woman asked them to check  George's pulse, both their plea fell on deaf ears as they continued till George died.

On Derek's charge sheet the prosecutor said Derek had his knee on George's neck for about 8 minutes 46 seconds and even when George was non-responsive for two and the half minutes he was still on him. 

George Floyd's autopsy showed that he didn't die from the suffocation alone that he had underlying heart disease.