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Good news, champions league and Europa league will finish in August

Uefa is set to finish the 2019-2020 season by end of August 2020. These include the champions league and Europa league, according to the Guardian news, Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin, said some Europeans leagues have announced plans of restarting in few weeks.
Ceferin told beIN sports. 

 "As things look now, I'm sure that we can finish the European season and this mean Uefa competition. I think the majority of leagues will finish the season. The ones who will not it's their decision. But they will still have to play qualifiers if they want to participate in the European Uefa competition."

Champions League and Europa League are yet to complete their last 16 marches.some of the champion league games will be played abroad since French authority had said they would not allow the return of professional football until September.

"If you can not play in your country, then you have to organise it on neutral ground. I don't see the reason why French authorities would not allow them to organise a match without spectators but let's see. It's out of my power." He added.