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How to make mayonnaise at home on a shoestring budget

The rate at which the price of household commodities are increasing is alarming if the Covid-19 pandemic doesn’t end before the end of 2020 the ordinary man won’t be able to afford them. In today’s episode, I will show you how to cut down cost by teaching you how to make mayonnaise at home on a shoestring budget.

To make one you need the following Ingredients:
1.Eggs.....2 large ones of it 
3.Salt....1/2 teaspoon
4.Sugar....1 tablespoon
5.Vegetable oil

Procedures on how to make a mayonnaise 

1. First, you need to break the eggs into a blender,  then add your salt and sugar.

2. Slice your lime into two and pick out all the seeds then squeeze the juice into the blender.

3. Blend for 2 minutes then open and add a spoon full of vegetable oil.

4. Blend again for at least 4 minutes and add another spoon of vegetable oil. while blending, keep watch of the thickness of your mayonnaise. And if you have gotten the thickness you desire you can stop blending but if not continue adding the vegetable oil until you get the desired thickness.

5. Blend again for 2 minutes then pour it out into a bowl and keep in the fridge to get cold. Once it's your yummy mayonnaise is ready.