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The second Niger Bridge is Buhari's gift to Nigerians. Bashir spokesman to the president

The personal assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on new media, Mr Bashir Ahmad on Sunday took to his twitter page to applaud the administration of his boss president Buhari In a tweet that is now sparking mix reactions from Nigerians on social media. Mr Bashir said:

"When the Second Niger Bridge is completed, it will be a gift that will keep President @MBuhari’s administration in the minds of millions Nigerians for a very long time." 

His tweet has received condemnation from Nigerians on Twitter.

"If completing the Niger Bridge is a GIFT to Nigerians from the President (according to Sir Bashir) then what exactly are the responsibilities of the President?
Ghosting and Modeling." @tife_ fabumi tweets.

@FS_Yusuf_ tweets "21st century feudalism. Thank you, Bashir, for another disrespectful tweet. 
And thanks to PMB for liquidating his assets for the purpose of offerring this inestimable gift to "millions of Nigerians". 

I admire how you have seamlessly bastardized tax payers to ordinary vassals."

@chosensomto tweets "Bashir please when will Buhari give his home state Katsina the gift of security?"

@uncle_Ajala Bashir said the Niger Bridge is a gift to Nigerians from President Buhari, so providing basic infrastructures from Federal government is now a gift to Nigerians, chai Nigerians don suffer, when it's not that the money is coming from Buhari's cattle farm, gift kor, souvenir ni."

@the_lawrenz tweets "As per the president used his life-savings to build the bridge abi what ? Bashir, you are not wise sir."

@eniturn tweets "Bashir Ahmad said the Niger Bridge is a gift to Nigerians from the President. This present government is doing the most, making the citizens see their entitlements as a "Gift". 
Very soon they will say Electricity is a gift to us too..

Alexa play me "Nonsense" by whoever sang it."

@emmaieze tweets "Public infrastructure from Govt is not a gift but the core responsibility of the Govt. That said, you are right that whoever completes the project will be leaving an indelible footprints on the mind of the Easteners and most users of that route."