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This is what Americans need right now, Miami police begged for forgiveness

There have been series of protests and destruction of States properties in the united states of America over the murder of George Floyd, An unarmed Black American man who's life was gruesomely cut short by a White police officer who is now in police custody for 3rd-degree murder and manslaughter 

President Donald Trump has done only little to solve the Unrest, some of his tweets have been tagged the fuel that will burn down the unity of the American people, those tweets have further provoked some of the protesters who also demonstrated to Trump's Tower to air their minds. No fewer have there been clashes between the protesters and the police officers in various cities, but Miami police have proven to the entire world that the unity of the  American people can not be broken, they portrayed a gesture that no police force in the world has ever done, and that's true courage, not weakness. They knelt before the rioters as solidarity to end police brutality as against Trump's decision who requested that cops should be tough on protesters, he even called them Thugs. According to reports from Christian daily post page on Facebook  which says:

"FORGIVENESS IS THE KEY... USA Miami police surpassed every police of the world. When protestors came to attack them due to George Floyd Murder a Black American Man who was killed by Minnesota Police, they all went on their knees asked for forgiveness while crying, the rioters joined them, something which melted so many hearts. It's my prayer that all will be one, and love one another. Work together and stay together. Hating is never the best solution."