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Toke Makinwa goes off on a follower asking her to tweet about police killing in Nigeria before focusing on America

Nigerian writer and  Multi-Media Mogul Toke Makinwa went all out on her Twitter follower who asked her to tweet about the police killing in Nigeria before focusing on America, the incident occurred when she tweeted about police brutality and the increasing rate of racism in America in relations to George Floyd's death and the case of the White woman who called police on a Black man because he asked her to restrain her dog in a public park where birds and pigeons roam freely.

In the tweet, Toke wrote:

"Watched a video of a white young lady calling the cops on a black man only because he asked her to put her dog on a leash in the park and it really disturbed me, she kept emphasizing on his skin color and she claimed he threatened her, if that’s not an act of terrorism, what is?"

The Twitter user who is identified as  @beastofnation replied Toke's tweet saying 

"The police just killed a young unarmed girl in Nigeria, have u twitted about that? Before you talk about America. Everyone has CNN so it doesn’t make u cool talking abt foreign stuff only. Your voice is needed in Nigeria more."
Toke Makinwa who got pissed off by the question, tweeted her reply she wrote:  
"Shut up and tweet your own, how dare you lecture me on what to tweet?"

The user replied her say:

"I didnt talk to you. I sent you a message so “shut up” is out of line. Anyways pls kindly lend your voice to police brutality in Nigeria, especially when it concerns the female gender. Trust me it will go a long way. Bless up ma’am."

Toke asked the user to lend his voice and stop policing her tweets,  "You wonder why certain people do not lend their voice to certain issues, once you do, there’s someone lurking around waiting to tell you how to lend it, if it’s high enough if you said the right thing, we all have a voice, lend yours and focus on changing your community". 

She added, "If you took the time to read before your tweet, you’ll see I already talked about Police brutality in Nigeria, you have an account, use yours to raise awareness and stop telling people what to tweet." She rants.