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Zee world lovers should not be expecting season 3 of twist of fate anytime soon

Bollywood actress Shikha Singh Shah Who played the role of Aliya, the sister to Abhi the rockstar in the Popular Zee World tv Series titled 'Twist of fate' is heavily pregnant, she and her husband are expecting their first child after four years of marriage. There is an indication that the series won’t be back to air anytime soon. The Zee world production team will have to wait for the actress to give birth and return back to shape before they can continue filming the series Or they will have to swap the actress just the same way they swapped Tanu. The actress who was super excited about her new condition  took to her Instagram page to share some amazing photos of herself flaunting her baby bump, Zee-world gossip news also shared a photo of her pregnancy on their Facebook page with a caption which reads:

"When pregnancy looks so good on you
Shikha Singh flaunting the bundle of blessing on the way coming"

Shikha Singh Shah and her husband Karan Shah who is a pilot got married in April 2016 and have been super happy since then.
We are so happy for her and we wish the couple God's blessings in their journey to parenthood.