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Bobrisky returns to factory settings, appeared as a man to attend his father's Birthday

Nigerians react as popular Cross-dresser, Ogungleye Idris also known as Bobrisky dumped his cross-dressing and returned to his default setting as a man he was born to be, the Instagram influencer and Naija barbie attended his father's Birthday that was celebrated in his family home, Bobrisky's action has shown that the African home has no chill for barbies or anyone exhibiting forum shopped culture.

 It has also stirred reactions as Nigerians are talking about it on social media, since the video and photos of him dressed with no makeup, nor wigs, eyelashes and earrings started trending online, some Nigerians took their twitter account to make a mockery of him while some praised him for showing respect to his Dad, here are some of their reactions.

@drpenking "bobrisky keeps switching gender to enjoy gender-specific benefits. He becomes a man to avoid cooking at his father's birthday; then becomes a woman to enjoy attention on IG. When his father dies he will become a man again to claim the properties as the MAN of the house Convertible"

@victorIsreal_ "bobrisky went to his father's birthday party dressed as a man. Oga already knows African home are no respecter of Range Rover Velar because if he appeared there as a lady, he must join the women to cook, wash plates and serve food. Desperate time calls for desperate measures."

@theclassicmanny "that video of Bobrisky is so heartbreaking and unfortunately this is the reality of a lot of people in the LGBTQ+ community. Having to hide/cover up who you are for these ignorant elders. The same elders that have their own dirty laundry."

@etinosa_vivian "bobrisky attended his father’s bday as a MAN even when he knows it might attract critics and spoil his business small, he could have just decided not to go but send money. He respected his father that much that he couldn’t dare appear as a woman sef.
You have my respect ma/sir."