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Nengi reveals why she is not reciprocating Ozo's Love yet

Before now we all thought the confused one was Ozo, we have accused him of being slow, too emotional and childish, ignoring the fact that he clearly made it known to us that he has never been in a real relationship before, obviously, he is not lying, what he has exhibited these few weeks shows that he is new to the dating game, and Nengi is a pro for him. But when real love happens and that beautiful emotion kicks in, even a Pro or Love expert falls for it, sometimes they fall for it the worst. Well, Our fingers are crossed, we are glued to them watching to see what becomes of the two, just as Laycon who has also shown concerned in their Ship.

Prior to Nengi's conversation with Laycon about the love triangle between herself, Ozo and prince, she already had a conversation with Wathoni concerning her situation with Ozo. This happened while she was the Head of house and Wathoni was her deputy. She ( Wathoni) told her that she and Ozo will make a super amazing couple and she thinks Ozo likes her a lot, Nengi acknowledged knowing that and said Ozo is really sweet and a true gentleman, she also told Wathoni that she can't date him inside the house may be outside the house, because her boyfriend who didnt want her to participate in the big brother's game for fear of losing her to other guys.

Just like big brother she knows for sure that her boyfriend is always watching and she doesn't want to disrespect or hurt him. Wathoni told her she (Wathoni) likes Prince, Nengi was surprised and said, "I never knew you like Prince".

Fast-forward to few days after they had the conversation, Prince started chasing Nengi she didn't decline or accept his advances, rather did she tell Prince about Wathoni's feeling for him, she allowed him to jump inside her love boat while she pulls him into the already terrible situationship with Ozo, only to friendzone him later, the same card she played with Ozo, right now she has these two men under her spell and she is still giving Kiddwaya green light and attention. 

Ozo noticed she is flirty and she seems confused, because of the attention she is getting from Kiddwaya and Prince so he decided to distance himself, but Dorathy noticed it and told him that it's childish to start giving her attitude now, that he shouldn't remove himself, she made a light joke of his situation and told him not to ignore her.

Ozo said the situation is becoming weird he is not used to emotional issues like this and complained that every time when he is going for an Assasin job to shoot his shot and secure his place with her, the other guys will surface from nowhere to distract Nengi and it hurts because she is giving them attention too.

Laycon the small body big engine as he is popularly known as, aka wisdom master, noticed Nengi is in a love entanglement decided to counsel her about it.
From their conversation, we were able to gather that Nengi is the confused one and not Ozo after all because when Ozo, Nengi and Dorathy love triangle was about to happen, Ozo handled the situation and made things clear to Dorathy that she (Dorathy) is just his friend he also made Dorathy to know that he has his eyes on Nengi and since then has been true to his feelings. But Nengi opened up to both Wathoni and Laycon that she has a boyfriend outside but has not told Ozo or Prince, and she is leading both of them on. 

She told Laycon that all she wants from both of them is friendship even though we know when Ozo distance himself from her she gets cold. She told Wathoni that she is sceptical about her relationship outside the house she said if she eventually goes out and finds out that her relationship outside has ended it will hurt her because Ozo is a good man. 

Prince, Kiddwaya, and her man outside the house are the main reason she is distracted, they are the reason why Ozo and Nengi's ship hasn't sailed yet.