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The love triangle Between Ozo, Dorathy and Nengi has taken a new Twist

The entanglement between Nengi, Ozo and Dorathy has amplified The love triangle Between them has taken a new twist.

Rebbeca Nengi Hampson is the most trending and successful housemate in the big brother Naija 2020 show, she is the first head of house and has won almost all her tasks except but one, which she lost for helping her crush Ozo by hinting him the answer to biggie's question, that led to big brother taking away her point for cheating, the housemates lost their wager for the week, her gesture is still the biggest love sacrifice in the house in this season game.

Nengi entered the bbnaija house with 22k Instagram followers, one week into the game her followers grew to 251k followers, with top celebrities like Donjazzy, Bisola, Diane Russet, Kim Oprah, Uriel, Syneytalker and musician Wurld all following her.  

The 22 years old Bayelsa State-born Queen is an entrepreneur and MBGN Top 5 contestant, she loves learning new things, travelling, taking on new adventures, having fun and want to be seen beyond her beauties. Nengi is a graduate of mass communications at the University of Portharcourt river state Nigeria, immediately she entered the big brother Naija house she changed from her dress to a hot bum short and a top to feel at home, that got Nigerians on social media talking, some claimed she is more curving than Mercy and Tacha put together, others applaud her for being beautiful and smart. Some said she has the face of Tacha and the body of Mercy, she is the twentieth contestant and the last housemate to enter the house but the most talked about housemate at the moment.

Dorathy Bachor is the eight housemate and the second top trending constant, she trended heavily on social media after a video clip of her cleavage Popeyes, when her chest was captured bouncing while climbing the big brother Naija stage, that video trended heavily on the internet, which boosted the 24 years old popularity, and that has also helped her Instagram page which also grew rapidly from 6k followers to 169k followers.

The Delta state born entrepreneur believes she has the magic to put a smile on people faces. And her friendship with Ozo was beautiful until last week Tuesday night when she confronted him and was trying to translate their friendship into a situationship and she accused him of putting her in the middle, while the entire housemates are trying to matchmake him with Nengi.

Ozoemena Chukwu is a first-class graduate of economy, and the first housemate to enter the big brother Naija season five lockdown house. 

The Imo state born is an entrepreneur and a consultant, his greatest achievement is working with UEFA, he loves kids and love to analyze football, Ozo is the CEO of his urban clothesline and he is the centre of attention between Dorathy and Nengi, but Nengi is already changing the narrative by flipping the card on him. First, she was all over him, giving him green light and attention, now she has him where she wants him, she is trying so hard to friend zone him and use him to play her game, but Ozo is a sharp, calm and persistent guy and he is always shooting his shot from her cage, even though she has told him that there is a "But" that won't allow their relationship to happen in the house, because her heart is outside the house but Ozo woos her at every given opportunity.

The sparks between Nengi And Ozo is so natural, beautiful and mature, the two light skins are taking things slow, taking their time, getting to know each other better. the friendship between Ozo and Dorathy is also very beautiful. But Dorathy who initially misinterpreted Ozo's intention and friendship, got herself entangled, but Ozo has cleared things up with her and made it known to her that their relationship is platonic, being with her affected his chance of shooting his shot at Nengi earlier even though he had declared from day one that he likes light skin girls, a signal he sent which activated Nengi's green light for him until she activated her own love button now looking like a mumu button on him, he is too cute to be zoned like that.

During the Sunday live show the host Ebuka, asked Ozo to explain the situationship between himself and his two wive's literary speaking. He clarifies the air, he told Ebuka that Dorathy is his favourite person in the house but he is attracted to Nengi. This means Dorathy is just his friend but he wants Nengi as his girlfriend. After the live show, he opened up to Nengi and told her how he feels about her, she teased him and told him that he is in the bottom line of the list of potential future suitors. They had a mature conversation about marriage family and career and the chemistry they both exhibited was super awesome, Ozo while talking to her was trying to make her reciprocate his gesture, he tried holding hands with her several times but she was using him to catch cruise, even though we all know deep down she likes him a whole lot. On Sunday night they were the last housemates to leave the garden because they couldn't leave each other alone. their ship is one ship many viewers want to see sail. Just when our expectations were getting high, their love took a new twist, Here is what happened.

On Monday evening the housemates gathered together to play truth or dare game, Ozo was dared to give any girl in the house a lap dance, he chose Nengi and said, of course, she is the only one and gave her a lap dance, prince was dared to pick on any girl and exhibit his sex position with her, he picked Nengi she didn't decline she gladly stepped out and exhibited it with prince, Ozo looked unhappy, calm and abit disappointed, praise a sharp guy noticed his mood, and dared Nengi and Ozo to kiss for 30 seconds, she quickly declined and said 'you can't force me to do that, no be by force, kissing is very personal and intimate for me.' She said no to him even when the concentration game rule states that no saying NO or drinking in place of the dare. What do you guys make of this, is she using him to play her game?