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I know what to make Praise cry Brighto tells Kiddwaya


Big Brother Naija lockdown Season 5 is still the most talked-about show in Nigeria, this season housemates came with their A games and dynamic personalities. Brighto one of the very controversial housemates in the house is at his game of hitting heads and causing confusion in the house, his drama and controversies are among the content most viewers signed up for.

In a recent conversation with Kiddwaya Brighto exposed all of praise's hidden secret to Kiddwaya and educate him on how to use it against him. In their conversation he said, "Praise talks and behave anyhow, and I know what to do from now on, I will abuse him and get him angry". And immediately Kiddwaya asked him how?
He said "he talks about his son and wife always and  his wife is 60 years plus and I will use it against him”

Kiddwaya was curious and wanted to know how he came about the information about praise's wife age, he asked Brighto how he got to know personal detail about Praise's wife, Brighto said praise told him her age himself. That's one part of praise's personal life that he has not openly discussed. He has said he is a male stripper and has been in a three-way relationship before but hides the age of his wife, we bet he will be angry after his eviction to discover that Brighto has spilt his little secret to the general public.

Reacting to their conversation Twitter users came out to air their minds concerning Brighto's action, here are some of their reactions:

@lollypopjam wrote, "Very devilish.... why disclose something you were told in confidence to another person.going to everyone to instigate things... I swear kid will hate him after the show when he finds out who he really is."

@Rosemar94435085 wrote, "So praise is not evil? Brighto is? Praise thinks he is superior than others, just talk to people anyhow, he belittles Laycon so many times 
Abeg na the fun of the show".

@damzyblakk also wrote, "Yep. Brighto said Praise mocks his 8years relationship that’s why he will try to get back to him through his wife. Praise makes jokes out of pple’s experience etc so it’s only tit for tat".

@oluwajuwonlo wrote he is not (Evil)
We have been watching him from day one
This is no surprise, he is playing the game.