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Nengi: I was literally fighting temptation every time I was around Ozo

Keeping up with the Ozone.
Ozo gave out a sincere love in the bbnaija show and he is ripping it back, his fans Superions won't stop showing him real and extraordinary love, last night they gave him a surprise visit at his hotel and gave him a lot of gifts items, which include a watch of about  9.5 million Naira and a trip to USA. Nengi's fans Ninjas also gave their Queen a surprise visit and gave her some beautiful gifts too, it has all been mad love for the Ozone.
Last night, Ozo and Nengi attended Brighto's birthday party together and they got the crowd screaming. In the party Wanthoni started a live Instagram video it was immediately hijacked by Nengi and Ozo's fans (Ninjas and Superions)

Lucy being her usual self got angry with  Superions, Ninjas and Ozone shippers, who were in Wathoni's live constantly requesting to see Nengi and Ozo, she said: " leave Ozo alone, Nengi is fine leave Nengi alone, inside Wathoni's live you people are asking about Nengi and Ozo, you people do not have shame, Nengi is fine go and find her in her wall".

When the party ended Nengi started a live video inside a car while she was waiting for Ozo, when Ozo came in and they discussed about bidding Brighto farewell for the night, Amadi who happened to be driving them, interrupted their conversation, Ozone shippers drag him on twitter for taking Ozo and Nengi away from the party.
Prior to this Nengi had an interview with Ebuka, they talked about her friendship with Prince and Laycon, then Ebuka asked her why she was so pissed on Saturday with Ozo? She said:

"We discussed that we wouldn't let public perception destroy what we have before Ozo left the house". She thought Ozo had let that happened to them. 

Ebuka also asked her why she didn't let Ozo go when she constantly say it wasn't going to work between them in the house? She said I like this guy ( Ozo) too much to want to jeopardise his chances. She also said  if she didn't have any situation outside the house she would have been Ozo's boo in the house because she was fighting temptation every time she was around him
Watch the interview here:

Ozone Shippers are everywhere asking about Ozo and Nengi even at Tolanibaj's Instagram live, I am sure they will flood Ka3na's live too. Stay glued for more Enews.