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The Ozone ship is sailing again, Nengi is back with Ozo

Just when we thought the Ozone ship has completely scattered, the two falls back into each other hands again. 

Nengi who was upset with Ozo for ignoring her during the finale party vowed to end their friendship and keep her distance from him, she even promised to ignore him outside the house. Yesterday during the finale after her eviction Ebuka asked her if she was going to end things with Ozo since she sounded so serious about it, she said, she has ended their friendship countless times before in the house even though she didn't mean what she says sometimes. 

After her interview she sat few seats away from Ozo but refused to talk to him, Ozo too decided to leave her alone for a while, bbnaija fans were worried about the animosity between them, some were heartbroken because they felt their favourite ship has wrecked. Only for a video of Nengi and Ozo partying hard together to surface on the internet. In the video, Nengi was seen calling out for Ozo to join her in an Instagram live video, where the sang and danced while Nengi was rubbing her hands on Ozo's Shoulder.
This means the two are not fighting they have settled their differences and their friendship is back better and stronger. They have passed the test of their love once again. 

We can't wait to see more pictures of both of them.