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The real reason Ozo ignored Nengi like a plague last night

The Ozone ship has Wrecked again and this time it looks like it's beyond repair, here is how it happened. 
The BBnaija finale party was lit, all the ex-housemates came out in an all-white outfit looking drip, so did the top five,  Ozo and Prince were the best dressed, their outfit was so amazing and it screamed class, it made them even more famous and got a lot of reactions on social media.

Before the party started Vee's cloth had an issue, so Laycon and Neo were helping out in fixing it, Dorathy and Nengi were the first to enter the party room, when they saw the ex-housemates in the party hall they couldn't contain their joy, they screamed real hard, When Ozo saw Nengi he was super excited and was screaming with so much excitement, the only thing that stopped him from hugging her was the glass wall biggie used to separate them, but that didn't stop Ozo from giving her his best dance move and singing to her, Nengi simple waved at him briefly and started greeting other housemates and didn't return to talk to him again, Ka3na who had warned Ozo to keep his distance from Nengi back when she was still in the house, had only one mission in the party ground and that is to make Nengi feel jealous, she was all over Ozo dancing with him, Ozo was still struggling whether to reciprocate her move, when he noticed Nengi was dancing with Laycon in her usual dirty way to spite him, that made him to activate "the two can play the game" mode and he allowed all the female ex-housemate to dance with him, while he danced with some himself, and he even grooved with Lucy and Tolani baj.
This made Nengi so jealous and she couldn't dance properly. She tried using Laycon to make him (Ozo) feel jealous again.

but the attention Ozo was getting from all the ladies from the other end of the glass wall was too big for her to compete with. She was angry but managed it.

When the party ended the top five retired back inside the house, and they immediately started a conversation about how the ex-housemates were looking fly. especially Ozo, praise and prince who were praised for looking so amazing, that was when Nengi revealed that Ozo and the other ex-housemates ignored her, Vee jumped in and said, of course, that he has "gone outside the house to see a video of you trying to steal Erica's man, kiddwaya". Nengi denied trying to steal Kiddwaya from Erica, Dorathy said: "but you liked him". 

She said the only person she likes is Ozo. 
After that, Nengi, Laycon and Dorathy left the conversation to change their outfits, the camera was focused on Neo and Vee as they tried to address their own issues, only for the camera to reveal Nengi crying because of Ozo, and she claimed Ozo ignored her all through the party, Laycon was trying to comfort her. She said why would someone she calls her best friend will ignore her the night she needs him the most, Laycon and Vee said he must have been getting attention from girls outside the house, Nengi got so bittered and cried hard and called Ozo a dirty name, that was when Neo came in to explain the situation properly to her. He started by letting her know Ozo loves her, that when he was leaving he even tried kissing her but she turned him down what if he got scorned because of that, And Neo was 100% right about that, Ozo got a lot of insults and twitter users made a big joke of him for that situation. He was called all kinds of names and was seen as an object of ridicule. But he still stood by his profound love for her during his media tours and didn't regret loving her. Even though photos and video of Nengi and Laycon's crazy dance in the Jacuzzi keep on trending to his nose.

For 8 weeks Ozo was constantly ignored and rejected he didn't end their Nengi should learn from Ozo and see this as a test for their love or friendship, we wish them both all the best moving forward.

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