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In my career there’s about 9 No's. My rejection rate is very high- DJ Cuppy

Celebrity disc jockey and daughter of Nigerian rich businessman Miss Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola on Tuesday afternoon 2021 took to her twitter page to motivate her followers with a short inspirational story about her rise to fame. "Let me tell you a secret, for every achievement and yes you’ve seen in my career there’s about 9 No's. My rejection rate is very high, but I’m now used to it. This never bruises my ego nor stops my dreams, because I am a fighter and believe in destiny.I really want you to understand this and learn from me stop waiting for things to happen; make them happen. You don’t ask, you don’t get." She said.

Some of her fans reacted negative to her tweet @danielregha  "said No disrespect Cuppy but thanks to ur dad u were born with a silver spoon in ur mouth & u are yet to do anything inspirational so there's nothing to learn from u; U say u are a philanthropist but ur lifestyle says ¤ltherwise cos u are too materialist; Better urself & help others."
@specialtaurus said, "Those born with a silver spoon will always try to compare themselves with others,niggas they are nothing without the wealth they were born into,money paves way for you, @cuppymusic know this and know peace"

@Adebowale____ also said, "If this babe was born broke I think she will still make it after all.
How many billionaires children are trying to make things happen for themselves?
It is about the winning mentality.  love you"