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Nigeria Election updates: Explosions in Maiduguri, and Port Hartcourt to scare voters away

Election Day explosion took the people of  Molai and the village few kilometers off the outskirt area of  Maiduguri unaware, early this morning they had high hopes of casting their votes in a smooth and peaceful manner but was unaware that the Islamist terror group Boko Haram had their own agenda planned for the election. More than seven earth-shattering explosions went off, the loud sound it made sent panic to potential voters and resident of the area,  fear gripes residents as they remain indoors until the Nigerian army and jet fighters arrived to take charge of the situations. Resident of the affected area are very much scared to go out to cast their votes they awaits he army to battle down the situation.

The South-South region was not spared out residents of Rumuola and Diobu were not left out, they also suffered  the same ill-fate when a dynamite explosions occur early this morning, the explosive device were dropped by an unknown group to discourage voters from carrying out their civil rights in the region.