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Wuhan Coronavirus: No Cure Yet, Chloroquine phosphate is not a cure.

There are reports making rounds on the Internet claiming that anti-Malarial and autoimmune drug Chloroquine phosphate can cure the deadly Wuhan COVID-19 coronavirus, the drug which was banned in Nigeria 14 years ago. Dr. Janet Diaz, lead for clinical case management in the World Health Organization health emergency program said there is "no proof" that the anti-malaria drug can cure the novel disease, so it can not be concluded to be the cure of the disease. According to the WHO, the preliminary results from the test of potential treatment will be expected in three weeks. Some of the tests conducted combined HIV drugs Lopinavir, Ritonavir in one trial while others used U.S biotech Gilead sciences antiviral Remdesivir, the same drug that was used to combat the deadly Ebola disease.

There is currently no proven cure for the new deadly virus, countries should not get their hopes up yet but rather they should employ preventive measures to prevent the virus from spreading into their territory.

since the outbreak of the disease in Wuhan China the virus has claimed the lives of more than 3,000 and has infected more than 89,000 people in 58 countries, beating the record of Sars virus. this is the confirmed statistic so far, imagine cases that are not confirmed or recorded.

Many countries have accused China from withholding sensitive information relating to the number of cases, of course, the world is not expecting honesty from China in this critical time, every country in the world makes it economy the main priority, China knows how much its economy will suffer if that is reveal, they are doing all they can to win the war against the disease.