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Netflix and other streaming platforms urged to slow down streaming to stop the internet from crashing

The European Union is urging Netflix the movie streaming giant and other streaming platforms like Amazon, HBO, etc to stop showing videos in high definition to prevent the internet from crashing down due to heavy usage from users streaming Netflix movies and other content all over the world,  due to Covid 19 coronavirus pandemic, which has compelled millions around the world to quarantine themselves at home.

China and Italy the two countries who adopted absolute total lockdown and self-isolation to help combat the spread of coronavirus left their citizens no choice but to work from home, the internet is the only means of carrying out communication and doing business in both countries, in China, the amounts of WeChat downloads and video calls has doubled the usual amount, such increase if not handled properly could break down the internet.

All over the globe users are glued to mobile devices reading and streaming coronavirus news and searching for updates on coronavirus vaccine, such constance activities on the internet could slow it down, if we are all hooked to it at the same time, this can drastically reduce its performance.

Facebook also admits that the effect of the pandemic is making it stretch its limits, the increasing demand for its services is well beyond the annual spikes usually seen on new year's eve. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook and WhatsApp voice and video calls alone are more than double the usual levels.

Breton commissioner for the union advised streaming giants and users to switch to standard definition to ensure the internet runs smoothly at this critical time of the covid 19 virus global pandemic.