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Breaking News: Nigeria Records 1st COVID 19 Coronavirus Death

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Wuhan China, the virus has caused the death of not less than 13,000 people globally, Nigeria has just recorded it 1st  COVID19 death.

According to NCDC Nigeria centre for disease control; 
The case was a 67-year-old male who returned home following medical treatment in UK

He had underlying medical conditions- multiple myeloma & diabetes & was undergoing chemotherapy.

Updates on COVID 19 Coronavirus in Nigeria 
As of 23rd March, there are 36 confirmed cases of COVID19 in Nigeria. 2 have been discharged and 1 dead.

List of states with confirmed cases of COVID19 in Nigeria are as follows:

1.25 cases of COVID19 in Lagos
2. 6 cases of COVID19 in Abuja FCT
3. 2 cases of COVID19 in Ogun 
4.  1 case COVID19 in Ekiti state
5.  1 case COVID19 in Oyo state
6.  1 case COVID19 in Edo state

 Practice good respiratory hygiene 
Was your hands regularly 
Practice social distancing 

Stay strong, stay safe.