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Covid19: Lagos Landlord surprises tenants with food items

They have been a lot of controversy concerning covid 19 donations by some wealthy Nigerians to the account of the government. Some Nigerians have cried out that the action of the billionaires are mere eye service and the best way to buy their way to the heart of the government, some argued that if they truly wanted to give back to Nigerians in this trying time, they should send food items to those that can't afford them at this time, and stop putting money in the hands of those who will misappropriate it.

A Lagos Landlord who is not as wealthy as some of our top billionaires has taken the led by surprising his tenants with food items. One of the tenant, a tailor who resides in the compound took to his twitter to share the photo of the food items and to express his gratitude as well, according to him, he has received his first surprise of the year.
He said; "Guys I received my first surprise of the year.
Our landlord sent us packages for each flat.
I appreciate this because NoBODY owes you anything".

Let's be patriotic